We have a wide menu of steaks, grills and Persian specials to tempt your appetite along with our selected range of Craft Beers and Ales.

Try one of our Premium Signature Range of Steaks, Grills or Persian Specials – we pride ourselves on offering great quality from Rump Steak to Rib Eye and fillet. All our steak are approximately 250 grams( 9oz) and T-Bone (450 g min) for the bigger appetite.

If you’re really hungry try our flagship Cote de Bœuf (around 3lbs) between two of you. This steak is Rib Eye on the bone, priced affordably, and served with fries, grilled tomato and a choice of sauces. Our grills are as good as your own home barbecues, if not better! Our Persian Specials are cooked to traditional Persian home recipes. We also have good selection grilled fish, chicken and lamb. Our house signature Steak Burgers are made to order with delicious extras to suit your taste. There are plenty of starters, sides and salads to help you pick and mix. And of course don’t forget to leave room for a  dessert!

Please see our current menus below:



Our BreakfastServed daily from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

We are running Special Lunch and Special of the Week Offer through November and December 2021.

Join us for our amazing Lunch and Special of the week offers.

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